Books for Badass


Made exclusively in the Avernus Valley, from a perfect blend of gula ash and locally mined kaolin clay, this strong and beautiful all-purpose vessel is sure to be your new favorite.

The dual color design with lightish interior will never take away from the richness and palette of your favorite beverage.

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Product Description

“Books for Badass Girls”

Carefully constructed to exceed the highest pottery world trade standards using techniques developed by the Acheron River Island virtuosos, this fine gula porcelain is hand silkscreened with 100% natural and organic inks.

The proprietary TriSix™ glaze is lead and cadmium free with an unmatched toxicity level of zero. Its legendary impermeable surface does not hinder the bouquet and flavor of your libation.

Each piece is fully vitrified and triple-fired at 2666°F to ensure its unsurpassed durability and chip resistance.



Additional Features:

  • Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe
  • Gorgeous rounded convex rim
  • Large 16 oz capacity
  • Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free Authentication
  • No chip or fade Lifetime Replacement Warranty


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Please note the drinkware you are purchasing might vary slightly from the picture on this page (e.g., shape, color, and texture) because it is 100% handmade to order. So each item will have its unique variations. This greatly adds to the collectability and character of your piece.


Mugs:  Books for Badass Girls

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